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  • Child support - There is no legal requirement for parents to have something in place for the support of their children from the other parent. Often parents will implement a system for the ongoing financial support from another parent which is known as ‘child support’. It is a payment by one or both parents to the other parent (or third party assisting in Read More
  • Drink driving: revised offences and penalties - Drink driving is amongst the most common criminal offences in New South Wales. If people elect to drive a motor vehicle, they must abide by legislation governing their conduct on roads. This includes adhering to the acceptable level of blood alcohol concentrate whilst operating a motor vehicle. Drivers are often unaware of the various drink driving offences and corresponding penalties. Read More
  • Police powers - Many people are unaware of what powers the police hold within our community. The main police powers are found in the following laws: 1. Law Enforcement (Powers and Responsibilities) Act 2002 2. Bail Act 2013 3. Crimes (Domestic and Family Violence) Act 2007 These Acts set out the circumstances when police can exercise their powers and the responsibilities that they Read More
  • Domestic violence and the court process - Domestic violence offences are dealt with differently to other offences. For an offence to be classed as a domestic violence offence, a domestic relationship must exist between the parties involved. In New South Wales, legislation defines what is meant by a “domestic relationship” and “domestic violence offences”. These definitions are contained in the Crimes (Domestic and Personal Violence) Act 2007. Read More
  • Divorce or property settlement? - The terms ‘divorce’ and ‘property settlement’ are often mistakenly used interchangeably. They in fact signify two very different concepts, with each having its own distinct process in family law matters. Although these concepts are extremely different to one another, they are both almost always extremely detrimental and confusing to the parties involved. If you find yourself facing a divorce or Read More
  • Surrogacy: the legal truth - Alternatives to traditional reproduction are increasingly spoken about and most people seem to understand the basic concept of surrogacy. Often, there is a common misunderstanding that surrogacy involves commercial agreements whereby women who carry a child for the intended parents, receive a monetary benefit. In Australia the law governing surrogacy is only recent, coming into effect in 2010. Each Australian Read More
  • Making an Application for Bail - When you are charged with a criminal offence in New South Wales, the police are the ones who initially determine whether you will be granted bail from the police station. If they believe it shouldn’t be granted, you will be brought before a Magistrate in court to decide the matter. Generally speaking, the court can only refuse bail if there Read More
  • Traffic Offences – Losing Your Licence and Demerit Points - Demerit Points Going to court for a traffic violation? All you need to know about going to Court for traffic offences in NSW is in here. If you are caught committing a traffic offence – such as speeding, running a red light, or using a mobile phone while driving – you will be issued with a penalty notice and receive Read More
  • Speeding on your L & P Plates in NSW - Fines and demerit points have risen in recent years to deter drivers from speeding. In the case of learner and provisional licenses, officials believe that these drivers require more time to assess hazards and deal with dangerous situations. This article will explain the processes involved with speeding penalties and appealing suspensions on your L and P plates. Understanding Demerit Points Read More
  • Appealing your licence after suspension - Losing your licence can have detrimental affects on yourlivelihood and your family. Depending on the offence that lead to you losing your licence, there may be a way to appeal the decision and potentially get yourself back behind the wheel. In this article, we’ll discuss the steps associated with appealing your licence suspension. Acquiring and Filling Out Your Appeal Form Read More
  • Cyber crimes – what are the consequences? - As mass communication technologies evolved, criminal offences associated with them came into fruition. Today, we are each expected to act as a responsible digital citizen who considers the reputation of ourselves and others, thinking before we post and treating people respectfully online. However, many people are unaware about the consequences of committing cyber related crimes and just how often these types of Read More
  • Defending an AVO in Court - In New South Wales, an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) can be made against you if the court believe you have (or are likely to) commit an act of violence against another person, or to otherwise intimidate them with the intent of causing harm. An AVO can sometimes be unfairly made against you, such as during contentious family disputes over matters like the custody Read More
  • What to expect when you go to Court - Making the decision to represent yourself at court can be daunting, especially if you are unfamiliar with the legal environment and standards. If you do choose to represent yourself, use these guidelines for preparation and conduct when presenting your case. Preparing Your Case Thorough preparation will help your case run smoothly when the big day arrives. Do as much research Read More
  • The Police’s Powers and Your Rights - The police are an essential part of our community and they are integral to our individual safety and security. Dealing with police officers should be a positive experience but we understand that it can be confronting, especially when you are being accused of a crime. The team at DGB Lawyers recognises the need for some general advice regarding police powers Read More
  • Refusing a random breath test and the consequences - Since 1985, police have legally been able to administer random breath tests (RBT's) to anyone driving a vehicle on a public road or sitting in the driver's seat in public. Under this rule, policemen and women have the right to request anyone that falls under these categories to stop and adhere to an RBT. Naturally, this means that there are Read More
  • To plead or not to plead? - Deciding whether or not to plead guilty to a criminal offence is arguably the most important decision a defendant will have to make during the entire process. While lawyers can educate you and give their opinion on the matter, it is ultimately the defendant’s decision on whether to plead guilty or not. Before making a decision either way, we recommend Read More
  • Pleading guilty and a non conviction - All about section 10 – Pleading Guilty without a Conviction When deciding whether or not to plead guilty to a criminal or traffic offence, it is absolutely crucial to consider all of your options. While your NSW Criminal law lawyer will be working with you throughout the process, it is always advised to have some background knowledge of your own. Read More
  • Drug offence (possession and supply) and the amounts you can have on you to make the difference - Illicit Drug Laws in Australia – Possession, Supply & More The use and possession of illicit drugs carry a wide range of potential penalties in Australia. Read on to learn more about the current legal landscape when it comes to drug offences in New South Wales. Prohibited drugs NSW legislation includes a list of ‘prohibited drugs’ for the purpose of Read More
  • Does an AVO mean I will have a criminal record? - The Legal and Personal Ramifications of an AVO The world of AVOs can be a daunting and difficult place considering how personally and emotionally charged the topic can be. However, it is always important to know your legal rights and responsibilities for any matter involving the legal system. If you have had an AVO sought against you, it is imperative Read More
  • Drink driving myths – your rights when dui - Drinking and driving is a dangerous gamble – it leads to impaired judgement, slowed reflexes and potentially disastrous outcomes. It’s no surprise that Australian law limits the amount of alcohol allowed in your blood when driving. Today we’re going to explore drink driving in NSW, explaining how the process works as well as some lesser known facts about what you Read More
  • Can I still see my kids if I have an AVO? - How Are Children Affected by an AVO? Having an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) placed on you by a former partner or spouse can affect your access to children you share with your ex. The team at DGB Lawyers have compiled some pertinent information to ensure that you understand the rights of all parties involved in this unfortunate situation. What Is Read More
  • A Guide to Your Entitlements in Marriage, De Facto, Civil Unions & more - To propose or not to propose? That is a question increasingly facing many Australians. Research by the RSVP dating service in 2012 found that while many single Australians are searching for “the one”, marriage itself is not strictly a requirement. This guide looks at some areas of the law that affect people who choose to be in a life-long relationship, Read More
  • Applying for child support – our guide - Once a relationship or marriage breaks down, it is imperative that a child’s best interests are considered. Wherever possible, both parents should maintain a relationship with their children and should financially contribute to their upbringing. If an agreement can’t be reached on how a child should be cared for, then a claim for child support can be made. Child support Read More
  • How is child custody determined? - When a marriage or de facto relationship breaks down, a lot of attention is focused on financial and property settlements. However, the welfare of your children should always be the primary concern. In New South Wales, “Parenting Orders” determine where a child will live (custody) as well as the amount of time a child will spend with the other parent. Read More
  • I Didn’t See the Sign, Officer: How Speeding Tickets Really Work - Fighting a traffic ticket may be an appealing option, but is it really worth it? Today we're going to explain how speeding tickets work in NSW, the process the court follows and when you can dispute a traffic violation. This blog will separate the myths from reality and clarify your legal rights when you're dealing with an alleged traffic offence Read More
  • Women As The Perpetrator Of Family Violence - There’s no disputing that domestic or family violence is a Criminal law act that has no place in society. Regardless of the perpetrator, domestic violence is irrefutably wrong on any level, be it from a legal, health or socio-cultural perspective. It is generally thought that men are the offenders in the vast majority of domestic violence cases. The federal government Read More
  • Words Hurt – Non-Physical Abuse is Still Abuse - “Sticks and stones will break my bones but words can never hurt me”. It’s an old and well-known saying, but is it really true? In reality, violence and abuse known as domestic offences go far from being physical. Psychological research has identified that non-physical abuse can lead to severe and long-term damages. Emotional abuse is harder to measure than a Read More
  • custody disputes: what you need to know - In Australia, custody rulings are handled through “Parenting Orders”. A parenting order may be applied for by a parent but is not limited to parents – it can also be applied for by grandparents or any other person concerned with the welfare of the child. Parenting orders are legally binding arrangements which cover a range of things, including the following: Read More
  • how and when to obtain an avo - What is an AVO? In New South Wales, an AVO refers to an Apprehended Violence Order, also known as a restraining order or a protection order. It is an order that is issued by a Court and will last for a set amount of time (that can be extended if needed). The purpose of an AVO is to protect someone Read More
  • Guilty Your Honour – Going to Court on a Drink Driving Charge - Guilty Your Honour - Going to Court on a Drink Driving Charge According to the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOCSAR), drink driving charges are some of the most commonly heard offences in local courts. But what you should you do if you are caught drink driving? Today we’re going to explain the court process and the impact this Read More