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Financial Settlements

Family Law Financial Settlements – Fast & Fair Resolutions

Financial settlement matters are often complex. Trust DGB Lawyers to assist you with your financial settlement.

DGB Lawyers will work with you to reduce the burden for you during this difficult time.

Arranging Property Settlements

Property and financial settlements can begin as soon as a marriage or de facto relationship has broken down or we can offer advice before separation. In legal terms, property refers to real estate as well as money, investments, personal property and superannuation.

We can assist with your property settlement matters by providing services, including:

•    Legal advice

•    Court representation

•    De facto/ Relationship Law advice

•    Legal negotiations

•    Representation at mediations, arbitrations, and in collaborative law.

•    Legal processes required for settlement

What Your Lawyer Will Do

Our expert team of family law solicitors in Wollongong are here to help you. We can assist you with negotiations around financial settlements. We will focus on resolving the disputes outside of court. We will help you understand the often difficult legal processes and protect your rights.

We can represent your interests in Court if necessary. We have been providing services for financial and property settlements since 1955. We will make sure your settlement is fair and equitable.

Understanding the Process

1. It is recommended that negotiations begin as soon as a relationship has ended

2. Fianancial proceedings must begin within 12 months of a divorce Order being made

3. Financial proceedings must begin within 2 years of a de facto relationship breaing down

4. Lawyers can provide legal advice and formalise agreements after negotiations

5. If an agreement can't be made the Court will determine how property is shared. They may consider each partner's assets, contributions to the relationship, future needs, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring to a meeting with the solicitors?

You may bring anything that may be relevant to the settlement, including:
• A list of shared assets
• A list of assets that you/your partner own individually
• Information about how long you have been separated
• Information about contributions and childcare responsibilities during the relationship.

We will guide you through the entire property settlement. If you are unsure about any information before your first meeting, simply come and talk to us and we will move forward from there.

Can we settle this out of court?

Yes, DGB Lawyers based in Wollongong strives to settle all family-law matters outside of Court. We can assist you with settlement negotiations and help you to legally formalise any agreements that are made. We will carefully consider what process is right for you and your goals.

For complete legal services and advice, contact our family lawyers today or visit our offices in Wollongong.