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Child Custody

We're Here to Help with Your Child Custody Matters

The custody of children is one of the most difficult parts of family law or relationship breakdowns. Separated parents often suffer serious trauma when they are not able to to reach an agreement about parenting matters.  To protect your rights, you need expert legal help. 

Our family lawyers in Wollongong have extensive experience in all aspects of child custody and related family law matters. 

According to family law legislation, each parent has a responsibility to their children that is independent of the parents' relationship. Children also have the right to have both parents in their life.

Custody Disputes

If you can't agree on custody arrangements, DGB Lawyers based in Wollongong can help you. We can provide all the legal services you need for family law, including:

•    Child custody

•    Court representation

•    Financial settments

•    Negotiated settlements for all family law matters

•    Information about mediation, arbitration and collaborative law

•    Child support

What Can We Do for You?

We offer a collaborative law approach for your family, aiming to avoid the added stresses and costs of court. We can help to resolve your child support issues and assist in child access management as part of your case.  Trust DGB Lawyers to work with you through every step of the process and to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Moving Towards Resolution

If you are considering separation or if an agreement on parenting can't be reached, we can help you.

Separation is both a personal and legal process. We will provide the legal advice and services you need, assisting you with all parenting matters.

DGB Lawyers have been providing child custody legal services in Wollongong since 1955. Contact us and speak to one of our staff to organise an initial conference with one of our expert family lawyers