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Fraud Offences

Let Us Help When You Are Charged with Fraud

DGB Lawyers provides a full suite of legal services for fraud offences. Our criminal lawyers in Wollongong can assist you with legal representation for fraud and related charges.

Fraud offences vary in levels of seriousness and the type of charges and penalties may be as severe as imprisonment.  It's critically important to be aware of your legal rights and get legal advice quickly to protect your interests.

Fraud Explained

Fraud may include the fraudulent acquisition of funds from another party, accounting fraud, misrepresentation, and a range of other possible charges. This is a complex area of law and anyone charged with fraud offences should seek legal advice immediately. 
In some cases, fraud offences relate to business transactions. Our expert commercial lawyers can also assist with business-related matters, business law, and related statutory and compliance issues.

Our Services

DGB Lawyers services include:

•    Representation in court on your behalf: We can act for you in court to defend your interests.
•    Criminal law services: If criminal charges are laid, we can provide integrated legal services for these matters in conjunction with your fraud case.
•    Legal support and guidance: We ensure that you're fully aware of your rights and legal entitlements.
•    Bail applications: We provide bail application services as required.
Ask us about any legal  services you need. Our highly experienced Wollongong lawyers can assist with all aspects of your case. We will act on your behalf to achieve the best outcomes possible. 

How to Get Help

If you've been charged with any kind of fraud offence, you should take immediate action to protect your legal rights. Please be aware that some fraud charges may lead to serious penalties. You will require legal representation to defend yourself and conduct legal proceedings. Organise your legal support immediately to ensure that your rights are fully protected.

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