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Adoption Law

Adopting a child is a special and exciting time but it can be fraught with complex legalities. Our experienced family lawyers in Wollongong  can offer you the careful advice and guidance you need to ensure your adoption is successful, from preparing documents to liaising with adoption agencies and the Supreme Court.

Types of Adoption

Adoption is the legal process where adoptive parents are granted the legal rights and responsibilities of an individual, which are transferred from the birth parents. Our family law specialists can provide legal advice and services if you want to adopt privately, such as stepchildren, adult children or children you are related to (e.g. nieces and nephews). We can also assist with agency adoptions.

A family law expert is invaluable for a smooth agency adoption process. We can explain the process and assist adoptive parents with the requirements of an accredited adoption service in New South Wales.

Documentation Requirements 

Before you can take custody, documents for adoption must be carefully prepared and include important information such as:

•    Details of family situation

•    Assets, liabilities and commitments

•    Your state of health

•    A description of your home, lifestyle, interests, hobbies etc.

•    Information about education

•    Court convictions if applicable

•    Any proposed religious upbringing of the child

•    Copies of your birth and marriage certificates and birth certificates of other natural and adopted children

Do You Need Help With Your Next Steps?

If you'd like to adopt a child, it's a good idea to seek independent legal advice to help the process run smoothly, take the stress away, and ensure you are completely aware of your rights, obligations and options.

Get in touch with DGB lawyers today We will provide expert advice to help you achieve the best possible outcome.