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Family Violence

Family violence includes physical violence, threats, emotional and psychological abuse, and property damage. Don't hesitate to take action to protect yourself and any children from family violence by contacting your local police station. As a widespread issue in Australia, there are specialised Family Violence Units specially trained to handle family violence incidents.

These officers can arrest the offender, search for and remove weapons, charge offenders with criminal offences, or apply for an intervention order on your behalf. Our experienced family lawyers in Wollongong can offer quality legal representation and ensure your rights are protected during any processes and proceedings relating to family violence.

Apprehended Violence Orders

If you are the victim of a domestic violence offence or someone is threatening you, you can get an intervention order or an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO). Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders (ADVOs) are designed to protect people in a domestic relationship with the alleged perpetrator while Personal Violence Orders (PVOs) will apply in other cases.

The Court can make a variety of orders during AVO or ADVO proceedings, such as:

•    Statutory Domestic Violence Orders - this prevents the alleged perpetrator from residing at the protected person's premises or assaulting, threatening or otherwise interfering with them.

•    Discretionary Domestic Violence Orders - These are filed alongside an application for divorce and feature a much broader range of restrictions on the alleged perpetrator, including restrictions against any forms of contact or approaching the protected person without written agreement or legal representation, as well as much more depending on each case.

How an AVO Can Help

AVOs can be made without any admission of wrongdoing and by consent. This mitigates the need for the matter to proceed to a hearing before the court, which reduces costs and quickly offers a solution for victims.

AVOs do not necessarily mean the end of a relationship. In fact, in many cases, the parties intend to continue living together, albeit with some protections in place. An AVO is a civil matter, meaning it doesn't represent a criminal charge unless the alleged perpetrator breaches the conditions of the AVO.

Do You Need Help With Your Next Steps?

If you are in any perceived danger from family or domestic violence offences, contact the police immediately. If you have been issued an AVO or would like legal advice before applying for one, you should seek guidance from an experienced lawyer immediately.

Our experienced lawyers in Wollongong can help you with every aspect of a domestic violence offence, ensuring you are protected and that you understand your rights, responsibilities and options.

Get in touch with DGB lawyers today and we will provide the expert advice you need.