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Traffic Law

Assistance with DUI Charges and Traffic Law

When you need help with traffic law charges, DGB Lawyers based in Wollongong are here for you. We are local traffic lawyers for the Wollongong region. Our services include legal representation at Sydney local court hearings and managing legal processes.

We understand that traffic law offences can be difficult and that the consequences are potentially very serious. Our team will work to achieve the best outcome for you, your family and your career.

Understanding Traffic Law

The traffic laws in NSW are a framework that applies to everything from alcohol and drugs to speeding and parking.

Our local lawyers can assist you with a range of legal services, including:
•    DUI offences
•    Drink driving offences
•    Drug driving offences
•    Speeding offences
•    License suspensions
•   Appeals
•    Criminal charges ariding from traffic accidents

What Can We Do for You?

DGB Lawyers provides court representation, legal consultations, and services for traffic law matters in Wollongong. When you're dealing with drink driving issues, we can also act as your DUI lawyers. We will provide advice on how you should plea, assist you with sentencing or defended hearings and strive towards the best possible conclusion for you.

Our expert team of Criminal Lawyers in Wollongong will also assist you through the traumatic circumstances that often accompany criminal law matters.

What to Do Next

You can get assistance with your traffic law matters at DGB Lawyers in Wollongong at any point during the process. If you have been charged with a DUI offence, received a speeding fine, or been involved in any another criminal matters simply contact our expert team of Criminal Lawyers Wollongong.

DGB Lawyers have been providing legal services to the greater Wollongong area for more than 60 years. Contact us today and we will guide you through the legal process.

At DGB Lawyers You can expect sensitive, understanding professionals, practical advice and responsive legal services.