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Personal Violence Offences

Legal Help for Personal Violence Offences

If you have been charged with a personal violence offence, we can provide the legal services to protect your rights. The expert and compassionate criminal law team at DGB Lawyers are here to help you.

Our Areas of Expertise

Domestic and personal violence offences encompass a broad range of crimes. These include physical assault, sexual assault, domestic assault and property damage.

If you're looking for legal help with a personal assault charge or an AVO dispute.  DGB Lawyers in Wollongong can help you.

We provide legal services for:
•    Personal assault charges
•    AVO cases
•    Sexual assault charges
•    Malicious property damage
•    Other domestic violence offences

How Our Criminal Lawyers Help

We can help you with all aspects of criminal law charges for personal violence matters. Our expert criminal lawyers can assist you prepare for court and explain your legal choices.

We will work with you to achieve the best possible outcome and keep you informed about the likely outcome every step of the way.

What Are Your Next Steps?

Quality llLegal advice, and representation is essential when you have been charged with a personal or domestic violence offence. You can contact us at any point in the process including if:

•    You have been questioned by the police
•    You have been charged with an offence
•    You are preparing to attend Court
•    You want to dispute an AVO (Apprehended Violence Order)

Get the legal assistance you need today. Visit our offices in Wollongong or contact us to speak with an expert lawyer.