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Apprehended Violence Order

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DGB Lawyers offers a full range of legal services for domestic violence issues. Our highly experienced criminal lawyers and family lawyers are here to help you understand apprehended violence orders and related matters.

Apprehended Violence Orders

An Apprehended Violence Order AVO) is a type of court order that can be made for your protection. There are two different types of orders that the court may issue and an AVO can be provisional, interim or final.
The first type of an order is an Apprehended Domestic Violence Order (ADVO), which may be applied for a period of up to 2 years. An ADVO is applied for when the defendant and the victim have been in or are in a close or "domestic" relationship.
The second time of order is an Apprehended Personal Violence Order (APVO), which may be applied for a period of up to 2 years. An APVO is applied for when there is no relationship between the defendant and the victim, for example a neighbour or work colleague.
An ADVO and an APVO can be applied for by police on your behalf or you can personally apply to the Court for an order to be made for your protection.
A provisional AVO is usually made urgently by police before the Application is listed before the court.

A provisional AVO is applied for by police when there are serious concerns for your safety. An interim AVO may be made by the court and can be an extension of the provisional AVO when it is necessary for you to have temporary protection.

A final AVO can also be made by the court and can be for a period of 6 months, 12 months or 2 years.
If you are served with an Application for an Apprehended Domestic Violence Order or an Application for an Apprehended Personal Violence Order, it is critically important to know your rights and obligations. If you are unsure of your legal situation, you are strongly advised to seek legal guidance.

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DGB Lawyers provide legal assistance in domestic violence cases:
•    Court representation to seek an Apprehended Violence Order Court representation for defendants in all matters
•    AVO hearings
•    Assault charges
•    Property matters related to domestic situations
•    Other domestic violence matters

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DGB Lawyers can help you with a wide range of services related to the sometimes complex and sensitive legal issues of domestic violence. Our experts will help you prepare for your court case and explain your legal rights.
DGB Lawyers provides guidance and support to assist you during this difficult period. We understand how difficult domestic problems can be and we will ensure that you receive all the help you need with your legal issues.

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Depending on your situation, you may need to get professional legal representation to protect your rights. We can help you with new and existing domestic violence situations. If you need legal help, the highly experienced family and criminal lawyers at DGB Lawyers will be happy to assist. Speak directly to one of our experts about your legal situation today.

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