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The Police's Powers and Your Rights

29 May 2017

Read more about the Police power according to the Law Enforcement (Power and Responsibilities) Act 2002 and what are citizens’ right and responsibilities when dealing with Police.

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Refusing a random breath test and the consequences

11 May 2017

What are the consequences of refusing an RBT and the situations when Police cannot ask for one? What are the possible offences and charges? Read more about it here.

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To plead or not to plead?

12 April 2017

Have you looked into the pros and cons about pleading or not pleading guilty at a Court. Read more here

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Pleading guilty and a non conviction

29 March 2017

What is Section 10 and its types? Here's an overview of Section 10 of the Crimes Act 1999 about being pleaded guilty but without conviction.

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Drug offence (possession and supply) and the amounts you can have on you to make the difference

8 March 2017

What are the consequences of being charged with drug offences in NSW and how this can be serious according to the amount possessed or supplied?

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Does an AVO mean I will have a criminal record?

22 February 2017

What are the consequences when receiving an AVO? Is AVO not a criminal conviction and will not appear on criminal record? Will it affect employment prospects and other relationship dynamics.

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Drink Driving Myths - Your Rights when DUI

3 February 2017

Today we're going to explore drink driving in NSW, explaining how the process works as well as some lesser known facts about what you can and can't do when facing a drink driving charge.

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Can I still see my kids if I have an AVO?

21 January 2017

An informative article about being subject to an AVO, especially if this includes kids. This might affect the ability to spend time with children and it is best to seek legal advice.

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A Guide to Your Entitlements in Marriage, De Facto, Civil Unions & more

5 January 2017

Marriage, civil unions and de facto relationships are legal ways of describing different types of relationships. This guide looks at some areas of the law that affect people who choose to live together. Read more here

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Applying for Child Support - Our Guide

22 December 2016

Guide how to start preparing, knowing child's best interest and various other custody factors. Get some tips on the process and what you need to prepare for a custody claim with DGB Lawyers.

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