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Other Driving Offences

We're Here to Help with Traffic Infringements

Our traffic lawyers in Wollongong can provide legal help for any kind of driving offence. It's a good idea to deal with traffic offences promptly, even charges you think may be only minor. This will help to protect your licence and driving record.
In some cases, you may face a combination of charges, which can be quite complex. You'll require legal representation in court to contest charges and mount a successful defence.

Our Legal Services

Our criminal lawyers are experts in all aspects of criminal law. We can assist you with:
•    Court representation in your defence
•    Legal representation for licensing matters
•    Legal advice relating to licences
•    DUI offences
•    Parking offences and other traffic infringements
•    Claims against you for property damage or other civil matters arising from motor vehicle accidents
•    Licence disqualifications and  licensing appeals
•    Suspended licences
We're your Wollongong lawyers for all types of traffic offences. Whether you need help with a parking fine or legal representation for serious traffic charges, we're here to help.

How to Approach Driving Offence Charges

Please be aware that any traffic offence may contribute to losing your licence. Even a few extra demerit points can result in suspension of your licence. The cumulative loss of demerit points for multiple incidents, in particular, can be a deciding and unexpected factor in a loss of licence. If you drive as part of your employment, traffic offences may impact upon your employment.

We recommend that you retain legal representation to present your case in court. The criminal lawyers at DGB Lawyers will ensure that your case is presented to protect your interests and achieve the best outcomes possible.

Call DGB Lawyers for Traffic Law Cases

We're just a phone call away when you need legal help for traffic offences. Call our Oak Flats and Wollongong lawyers and speak directly to our legal experts about your case. If you prefer, you can contact us online. We'll respond to your enquiry promptly.

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